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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

UMID M2 possible entry level not that appealing !!


Photo: UMPCPortal.com


First news about new UMID M2 entry level model, showed up at UMPCPortal.com, and they really don’t look that appealing,

“Entry-level price for the UMID M2 will be $499 and will be with the 1.2Ghz CPU, 512MB, 8GB SSD, Win XP and no camera.”

This is what I hate about these companies.. they do a good step forward but 2 seconds later they do 5 backwards. Its good that they fixed M1 problems, its a sign that they are listening. but its a bit stupid if you ask me to mess up with hardware specs. when they are good as they are. such a small ssd is just nonsense and 512mb of memory on x86 device coming out on the end of 2009? 512 could be ENOUGH for XP if one tries hard but when, for example,  drivers are not even optimized for hardware and take 180mb of memory like the GMA500 ones take.....  hmmm think twice UMID, users will not be pleased.

I really hope they reconsider the specs for entry level, at least on these 2 points SSD and RAM, or at least,  hoping for a “middle” level model to show up.


Source :UMPCPortal.com

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