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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New UMID M2 shows up at IDF09. Looking good!

New UMID model M2 shows up at IDF09. I have to say I’m very excited about this new model. I own the first UMID, and its a great device, but as everyone knows it has some problems here and there, mainly the build quality, the screen angle, and those idiot dongles. Well these have been now solved. Not sure about the build quality, but screen angle know looks much much better now, and they included a “normal” USB connector and standard phones connector.

About the specs, the device will keep the 4.8 inch screen with 1024x600 res. They expect to push out two versions one with 1.2ghz processor (Atom Z515) and 1.6Ghz (Atom Z30). Memory has been upgraded to 1ghz, and looks like they plan to release it with Windows 7 (basic, suppose). They also plan to include a optical mouse with right and left click buttons, both right and left next to the screen. Same keyboard and Camera (1.3MP). No info about SSD size or 3g models.

Price and availability, the new UMID is expected with the starting price of $499, final user price, on the Q4 2009 (November / December).

Not much more to say about it right know, just that I cant wait to put my hands on one. :) Any sponsors out there? :)

Here is the first impressions video from Steve Paine @ Midmoves.com

Source : Midmoves.com

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