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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My mobile kit for the summer (for now!!)

I have been using this set of devices as my mobile kit, during my busy past weeks. I'm so happy with it that I think I wont need to change anything any time soon.

  1. Umid M1 as a sort of productivity device. Productivity is a very vague term when regarding to mobile computers but for me is update my web page, calendar, reading news, Twitter, faceboo, editing some documents, e-mailing, and so on. Keyboard is small and takes a bit of time to learn but after a while you can really type on it.
  2. HTC Touch diamond 2. This my main and now, only phone. Besides calls, sms etc, I use it to quick e-mail checking. Twitter, post quick photos, and casually web browsing (the new on screen keyboard is not that bad for small typing)
  3. Mifi 2353 - My mobile internet router. I used to share internet with the two previous devices (My phone contract has a crappy data plan) and sometimes share internet with friends and colleagues at the opera house / singers that need a quick access from their laptops (I'm a nice guy.)