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Saturday, July 18, 2009

New articles coming soon.

I has been a while since I post anything here. This is due to have been very busy with work.
As many of you know I'm Opera singer and this is one of those times of the year that rehearsals, performances, etc, all get on top of each other, leaving very little time for me do anything else.

Still here is a small list of articles / activities I've planned.

  • Full Mifi testing using different devices, and situations. I have been testing it deeply with my HTC Touch Diamond 2 Phone, with UMID M1 and also my netbook.
  • Some videos of real life usage on some of my devices, on my daily professional activities. If you follow me on twitter or other services I've been doing some small tests.
  • Article on how far, in my opinion you can get with a Windows mobile smartphone as your portable internet device, only using stock and freeware applications. A big thanks for forum.xda-developers.com "ROM Chefs" for the amazing optimized ROM I have been testing make the usage of my phone a much pleasant experience.
More soon...


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