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Friday, June 26, 2009

Samsung NC10 - Internal 3G "Easy" mod.

Some people have been looking for a internal 3g mod on the NC10. Because I'm still confident enough with the soldering iron to start soldering small parts like mini-pci connectors or small wires. Here is what I think is an easy mod if you really want internal 3g on your NC10. Not the most practical one, but easy.

What I have done is, I have used a spare Novatel Wireless, Expedite EU850D PCI Express Mini Card Embedded Module, 3g modem I had and replaced the internal Wifi card by the 3g Card, and for Wifi i will from now on will use a small USB dongle from buffallo (world smallest some people say :) ) Buffalo WLI-UC-GN Wireless N Compact USB 2.0.

First thing you have to do is open up your NC10. Take all the screws on the bottom and then, gently with use of a old plastic credit card type card, take the bottom cover. Start it by inserting one of the corners of the card next to one of the usb ports or next to the SD slot, and then slide slowly all around the netbook.

After it's open remove the wifi card. Again gently remove the two antenna conectors and replace the WIFI card by the 3g modem, insert you SIM Card (This is own big downside of this mod, you need to open the entire bottom of the netbook to change SIM... of course you can allways cut a hole on the buttom but that I leave to your choice! :) ). Put the bottom cover back on and start Windows.

From now one is pretty much simple. Just install the drivers and software (If you get a no radio message, just activate radio but going to Mobilink software menu and chose "activate radio").
You also have to creat a profile for your 3g carrier. Again, go to menu, profile manager, and create a new profile. The setting for this depend on you provider, you're on your own here!

Do the same for usb wifi dongle....

And... that's it. Enjoy your internal 3g.

You can get the Expedite EU850D PCI Express Mini Card Embedded Module from Mobilx.eu


Buffalo WLI-UC-GN Wireless N Compact USB 2.0 from HERE or HERE (second link is where i got mine from, fast and quality seller, it's more expensive than the first one but when i bought mine the other one wasn't around....)

Full explanatory video in a couple of days!!


P.S. You can also use Buffalo as a wireless router. The little fellow has dual mode (clienter and router) software controlled, so that you can share your 3g connection with up to 5 devices using it (not ad-hoc), in a sort of a mifi way! :)

4 comentários:

KICUSek said...

NC10 is accessible in Poland with both WiFi and 3G

ulf said...

Lovely! Would it be possible though to remove the bluetooth card and use this connector instead, since I never use bluetooth. ??

breley said...

Very clever and interesting modification, BassoPT. Thanks for sharing!

Jack said...

There are forum posts detailing how to add another pcie connector, would there be enough room for a 3g card and the wifi card if this was done?