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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Eee PC™ T91 with Swivelable Touchscreen Officially Released

New Asus T91 was officially Released. Lets hope It will become available soon in Europe?

Any inside info of when?


"Taipei, Taiwan, June 1, 2009 – ASUS today added the Eee PC™ T91 to its highly-successful Eee PC™ line. This new model is the first to sport an 8.9" swivelable touchscreen and a suite of touch-optimized software that enables users to get the most out of finger or stylus input—thus transcending the capabilities of previous generations of devices in its class. The Eee PC™ T91 was first unveiled at CES 2009 to tremendous buzz, and it is yet another example of ASUS outstripping its competitors in terms of being the first to market with cutting-edge innovations."

Continue reading here: ASUS Adds a New Touch to Eee PC™ Lineup

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