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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Buffullo WLI-UC-GN USB more than a simple Wireless Adapter.

Yesterday I got the new and small Buffallo WLI-UC-GN USB wireless Adapter, and....
The old saying "Great things come in small packages" couldn't be more true in this case.

Originally I bought this because I thout it would a good solution to have WIFI on my Aigo MID which has XP Installed, but after un-boxing it I found out that is more that a simple wireless adapter, in fact, it can be used to create a Wireless ROUTER.

Yes that's right. The small guy has in fact two modes, Clint Mode and Router Mode.
This mean you can use it to setup a small and portable wireless network.
I have installed it on my aigo and tested both modes.
Client works flawless with my home network. I advise not to install the included Wireless Manager, just install drivers and use windows one. As usual with this type of software is bit "crapware" and pointless.
Router mode also works amazingly well. Setup was made in less than a minute. The only thing you need is to set your network name, type of protection you want and your password and thats it.
Because my Aigo has a 3g card inclued, basically what i have now is a 3G Wifi Router. I know this not the most practical of situations but is always fun, and after some tests, the Aigo lasted a bit more than 3 hours with screen off, and normal web navigation, meaning, 2 or 3 videos loaded from Youtube, and normal web page / e-mail access.

All software is included in package, also light and easy to install. (mine came in chinese only but was easy solved by downloading the English version from Buffallo's webpage.).

If you have an Aigo with XP and want an easy "cheap" solution to have Wifi working i strongly advise yo to get one.
As you can see from the images bellow it's really small and looks great on the Aigo.

Also If you have a Netbook with 3g card and would like to have a small portable network, for the road this can also be a good and cheap solution for you.
You can get the adpter from the ebay seller on my previous post. I can easly recommend him. Great comunication and fast shipping (took 4 or 5 days to for arrive from China to Lisbon)

I will post later today or tomorrow images and maybe video of the working Aigo 3g wifi Router itself ;)

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