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Friday, June 26, 2009

Samsung NC10 - Internal 3G "Easy" mod.

Some people have been looking for a internal 3g mod on the NC10. Because I'm still confident enough with the soldering iron to start soldering small parts like mini-pci connectors or small wires. Here is what I think is an easy mod if you really want internal 3g on your NC10. Not the most practical one, but easy.

What I have done is, I have used a spare Novatel Wireless, Expedite EU850D PCI Express Mini Card Embedded Module, 3g modem I had and replaced the internal Wifi card by the 3g Card, and for Wifi i will from now on will use a small USB dongle from buffallo (world smallest some people say :) ) Buffalo WLI-UC-GN Wireless N Compact USB 2.0.

First thing you have to do is open up your NC10. Take all the screws on the bottom and then, gently with use of a old plastic credit card type card, take the bottom cover. Start it by inserting one of the corners of the card next to one of the usb ports or next to the SD slot, and then slide slowly all around the netbook.

After it's open remove the wifi card. Again gently remove the two antenna conectors and replace the WIFI card by the 3g modem, insert you SIM Card (This is own big downside of this mod, you need to open the entire bottom of the netbook to change SIM... of course you can allways cut a hole on the buttom but that I leave to your choice! :) ). Put the bottom cover back on and start Windows.

From now one is pretty much simple. Just install the drivers and software (If you get a no radio message, just activate radio but going to Mobilink software menu and chose "activate radio").
You also have to creat a profile for your 3g carrier. Again, go to menu, profile manager, and create a new profile. The setting for this depend on you provider, you're on your own here!

Do the same for usb wifi dongle....

And... that's it. Enjoy your internal 3g.

You can get the Expedite EU850D PCI Express Mini Card Embedded Module from Mobilx.eu


Buffalo WLI-UC-GN Wireless N Compact USB 2.0 from HERE or HERE (second link is where i got mine from, fast and quality seller, it's more expensive than the first one but when i bought mine the other one wasn't around....)

Full explanatory video in a couple of days!!


P.S. You can also use Buffalo as a wireless router. The little fellow has dual mode (clienter and router) software controlled, so that you can share your 3g connection with up to 5 devices using it (not ad-hoc), in a sort of a mifi way! :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

JKKMobile: XpPhone at Computex

Another XP based phone / UMPC shows at Computex. This time with AMD Processor.
Because this is only a prototype model, no more info about full specs.

Check the video here:

Again great job JKK!

Source : JKKMobile: XpPhone at Computex

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Eee PC™ T91 with Swivelable Touchscreen Officially Released

New Asus T91 was officially Released. Lets hope It will become available soon in Europe?

Any inside info of when?


"Taipei, Taiwan, June 1, 2009 – ASUS today added the Eee PC™ T91 to its highly-successful Eee PC™ line. This new model is the first to sport an 8.9" swivelable touchscreen and a suite of touch-optimized software that enables users to get the most out of finger or stylus input—thus transcending the capabilities of previous generations of devices in its class. The Eee PC™ T91 was first unveiled at CES 2009 to tremendous buzz, and it is yet another example of ASUS outstripping its competitors in terms of being the first to market with cutting-edge innovations."

Continue reading here: ASUS Adds a New Touch to Eee PC™ Lineup

JKKMobile : Hands-on with Compal KAX15 UMPC

Hands-on with Compal KAX15 UMPC by JKK from JKKMobile.com

Is this the sucessor of the Compal JAX10 and therefore of the Aigo MID?

Source: JKKMobile.com

Buffullo WLI-UC-GN USB more than a simple Wireless Adapter.

Yesterday I got the new and small Buffallo WLI-UC-GN USB wireless Adapter, and....
The old saying "Great things come in small packages" couldn't be more true in this case.

Originally I bought this because I thout it would a good solution to have WIFI on my Aigo MID which has XP Installed, but after un-boxing it I found out that is more that a simple wireless adapter, in fact, it can be used to create a Wireless ROUTER.

Yes that's right. The small guy has in fact two modes, Clint Mode and Router Mode.
This mean you can use it to setup a small and portable wireless network.
I have installed it on my aigo and tested both modes.
Client works flawless with my home network. I advise not to install the included Wireless Manager, just install drivers and use windows one. As usual with this type of software is bit "crapware" and pointless.
Router mode also works amazingly well. Setup was made in less than a minute. The only thing you need is to set your network name, type of protection you want and your password and thats it.
Because my Aigo has a 3g card inclued, basically what i have now is a 3G Wifi Router. I know this not the most practical of situations but is always fun, and after some tests, the Aigo lasted a bit more than 3 hours with screen off, and normal web navigation, meaning, 2 or 3 videos loaded from Youtube, and normal web page / e-mail access.

All software is included in package, also light and easy to install. (mine came in chinese only but was easy solved by downloading the English version from Buffallo's webpage.).

If you have an Aigo with XP and want an easy "cheap" solution to have Wifi working i strongly advise yo to get one.
As you can see from the images bellow it's really small and looks great on the Aigo.

Also If you have a Netbook with 3g card and would like to have a small portable network, for the road this can also be a good and cheap solution for you.
You can get the adpter from the ebay seller on my previous post. I can easly recommend him. Great comunication and fast shipping (took 4 or 5 days to for arrive from China to Lisbon)

I will post later today or tomorrow images and maybe video of the working Aigo 3g wifi Router itself ;)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Novatel Wireless MIFI 2352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, comming soon at Mobilx.eu

As usual Mobilx.eu is doing their magic.

They expect to start shipping internationally, the new Novatel Wireless MIFI router on the thrid week of June, around 20th.

You can pre-ordered it here : Novatel Wireless MIFI 2352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot.

Hands-on with DigiCube MIDPhone-50, by JKKMobile

One of the first Windows XP based mobile phone /MID (UMPC) just showed at Computex Taipei 2009.

JKK from jkkmobile.com showed us a nice hands-on video.

It's new step for mobile computing that's for sure, but I have my reservations in terms of usability, let's see...

source: jkkmobile.com