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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UMID M1 TIP! (More detailed review soon!)

A few days ago I got my new UMID M1.
Just a few minutes after I start using it I noticed that the USB adapter was not working so good (this was a big surprise since they are so well built (sarcasm)).
After a few minutes of Web/ Ebay searching i found this:

It's a small cable and it works like a charm. Much much better than orignal adpter specially if you use larger or heavy usb adapters. I have a Sandisk U3 cruiser PEN Disk which used to make the stupid adpater to bend..
I also like this cable more because you can adjust the plugged in devices the way you want around your table your lap or whatever....Instead of having a huge thing coming out of the UMID and making unecessary weight on the device and mini USB port.

In my opinion this is what UMID should have done in the first place. Or even simple, add a NORMAL usb port. Its not like, they are saving huge amounts of space. They are just making users life more difficult.

I will write a more detailed review and first days of usage impression soon.


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