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Thursday, May 14, 2009

RUNCORE PRO IV 64GB SSD First Impressions.

My new RUNCORE PRO IV 64GB SSD just arrived a few hours ago from Mydigitaldiscount.com, and here are my first impressions.

I have installed the SSD on my Samsung NC10 and i have to say I'm really impressed by it. Boot time is really fast, about 20 to 25 seconds from totally shut down to full booted windows. Resume from hibernation is also amazing less than ten seconds, and i have 2gb on my system, pretty impressive.
Overall performance also increased. Everything seems more responsive now and programs run much much faster. I haven't had time yet to make more deep tests but, i've noticed that, specially Outlook 2007 which has a quite large (about 1gb) off-line file, it used to take like from 5 to 10 seconds for it to be fully usable but now, on less than 5 it's ready. Have also notice some performance improvements on Firefox, which now launches almost immediately after I click on it. Pages also load faster even on heavy loaded flash site like Engadget.com, wich fully loads in 2 or 3 seconds....
More and better detailed tests soon.

Battery is also giving me about 30 minutes more than it used to with original HDD but this still needs to be checked f0r accurate results!

For now here is a performance comparison using CrystalDiskMark:
(Both HDD and SSD have exactly the operating system configuration. They have been cloned!)

Results from the Original Samsung HDD:

And results from SSD :)

If you don't need huge amounts of space on your netbook, I strongly suggest you to get a Runcore SSD . It really makes a difference on these kind of devices.

Thank you very much Mydigitaldiscount.com for sending it so fast, and for the great service!

Prices and info about the SSD HERE : RUNCORE PRO IV 64GB SSD.


4 comentários:

Chippy said...

Better results than my T1028M with the same drive.

Joao Oliveira said...

Looks like netbooks are not all the same after all :) Specially on on this subject, SATA bus seems to be handled differently depending on the device you have...

Jez - Samsung NC10 Community said...

A nice treat for little Sammy! A few people on my community site would love to know more about this :)

JKK said...

Welcome to the fast lane ;)