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Monday, April 13, 2009

Aigo MID hardware upgrade for HK users,

Well, looks like Aigo Hong Kong division is offering a almost free hardware upgrade for the Aigo MID, to UMPCFever.com forum members!
Acording to UMPCFever.com, forum members can send their Aigo's to a support center in HK, and for the amount of HK$150, they will do the necessary hardware changes/upgrade to make wifi work on Windows XP. Apparently this amount includes both upgrade and shipping costs.

This is good news for for the Asian users, and certainly a big effort by UMPCFever, since this looks to be co-organized by Umpcfever and Aigo HK. Not sure if the upgrade is also limited to local forum members dough....

Don't get your hopes down, not all is lost!... Hopefully instructions on how to make it yourself will be available soon (good source). But I can tell you in advance is not going to be as easy as 1 2 3... :)

More about this as I get more updates!


P.S Thanks JKK for pointing this out....

Source : UMPCFever.com

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