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Monday, April 20, 2009

EVE-Online on Netbooks

Recently I started playing this on-line game called EVE-Online (www.evenonline.com) . Normally i don't play games, in fact I haven't played any computer game for more than 10 years, but this one really caught my attention. It's a really interesting strategy game and really makes you think to play it....
Well it's not to talk about the game that I'm writing this post. In fact the reason is that, I'm trying to find out if and which Netbooks you can play EVE on.

I have tried to run it on my two netbooks, Asus Eee 901 and Samsung NC10 and it actually works, BUT, the performance is really poor (actually runs faster on the NC10 don't know why system exactly the same?!?!). So what I'm trying to find out is which Netbooks would actually run this game with a reasonable performance.

My guess is that, it must run really nice on devices like Everun Note or the Asus N10J because one is a dual core (the Everun) and both have dedicated 3d graphics controller. But what about the new Aton n280 / GN40? Is there any performance improvements over the "old" n270? What about the new "Zxx" series?....
I Know that Nebooks were not made to play games but, If you play the game and have any of these netbooks / umpcs please share your experiences, post comments, write me an e-mail... you name it!

Lets see how far these "babies" can go... :) Maybe it's a really crazy idea, but Netbooks are very portable and many in a "Always with you" form factor so, why not used them to kill free or boring times , and/or if you don't nothing better to do... play some EVE?


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Greg said...

I have the same question you do. I suspect the only acceptable performance will be by using remote desktop and controlling a more powerful desktop PC that is remote. It could work well, since it's not a twitch-reaction game...I suspect a bit of latency (.5 sec?) might be tolerable with EVE where it may be too much with something like Unreal. Perhaps it'll be offered by OnLive?

Joao Oliveira said...

Remote Desktop would even be worse than play the game himself on the computer. I tried logmein and screen draw is way to slow there is a lot of lag.
To be honest the game doesn't run that bad on a Atom N270 netbook. I get like 6 to 10fps inside the sation and 10 to 18 outside. Its good enough to check and upgrade skill and mining. I Wouldn't go for anything drastic as fights or anything like that.

My idea was to find which netbooks you could go a bit farther than that....